Is Peppers Ranch just for boys?

When Peppers Ranch opened in 2003, it was a residential group home for boys. In April of 2009, we changed our model to accommodate sibling groups of boys and girls.

Do you have paid staff at the ranch?

No, we do not have any paid “parents” living at the ranch. Foster parents are invited to move to Peppers Ranch to be part of a supportive community for children. They feel it is their ministry to take care of abused and neglected children.

Do the children live at the ranch all of the time?

Yes, just like a “normal” home, the children live with their foster families on a full time basis.

Do the children go to school?

Yes, school-aged children attend public school.

Are the children at the ranch available for adoption?

DHS first seeks to place children back with their biological parents or extended family members. If family reunification is not an option, the foster parents that have been caring for the child/ren typically have the first opportunity to adopt the children.

What are the ages of the children that live at the ranch?

We currently have a range from infants through teenagers.

May I tour the ranch?

Yes, please contact the office at 405-260-1870 for a tour.