Core Values

Honesty & Integrity

We commit to the highest standards of conduct and ethical practice in all of our endeavors.

Respect for Youth

We believe that children and youth are our most precious resources and an approach to youth development that builds assets and empowers individuals.


We seek to promote and encourage volunteerism among our stakeholders and the youth we serve.


We aim to enrich parents’ lives by expanding their skills set, encouraging them to share their talents and build relationships with the children.

Accountability & Responsibility

We strive to ensure the highest level of organizational effectiveness by continually reviewing our programs and processes to improve quality and efficiency.


We are truthful and forthright in our fundraising communications, respect the privacy rights of donors, and expend funds as economical as possible and in a manner consistent with donor intent.


We pro-actively examine our performance and strive to improve in a never ending quest to continually raise our programs to new levels of excellence.