Kid Quotes  My Favorite Summer Memory of 2012!

“Ride on a tractor and eat ice cream”, JT- Age 4

“Play in the water or swim in a pool”, Elliott- Age 6

“Swim, swim, swim, oh, and swim!” Susie- Age 9

“Have A birthday party”, Coy- Age 4

“Eat fruit snacks”, Reese- Age 3

“I just love to play!”, Anna- Age 5

“I love to play with cars!”. Caleb- Age 7


Former Residents Express Gratitude

“It was such a blessing being there” Tim said, “There were so many people that truly cared about us, especially since we came from rough backgrounds. It helped me build courage and lift my spirits. Also, it was great having all the brothers..... I still love them all! I think if I had not lived at Peppers Ranch, I would not be doing as well as I am now in college and out on my own.” 

Testimonials from Current and Past Residents

Martell shared, “Many times I’ve stopped to think about all the things the ranch taught me. I would not be who I am today without all of the support I received at Peppers. When I first came, I was not such a good kid. There were times when I made some pretty bad decisions. But now, I’ve grown up some. I think one thing that was good for me was learning to work hard at the ranch. Whenever I have a long, hard day of work I now know I can get through it…because the ranch showed me I could.”  

“I had a lot of support from the parents and the staff at the ranch. I wouldn’t be where I am without all of them. In school, I didn’t care about my grades. Peppers Ranch gave me the desire to make good grades. Now I value school and I want to do well. With sports, it gave me a drive....a motivation to do my best. Peppers Ranch is a GREAT place to grow up!”

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What's your favorite animal?

Addison, Age 10  “I love all of the horses at the ranch. I love riding them, grooming them, and loving them.”

Elliott, Age 3 “I love Tilley! Tilley is a Donkey and she keeps the horses safe.”

Evan, Age 4 “I love Freckles the horse, because he runs fast and has freckles on his tummy, and because I have a freckle on my face.”

Coy, Age 2 Co Co is the stuffed buffalo head in our ranch home. He thinks all the buffalo on the ranch are named “Co Co.”

Shawn, Age 8 “I love Sunny the newest horse on the ranch because he is easier to ride and he is very sweet to me.”