Serving Opportunities

“ Peppers Ranch Hands”

Individual and Group Serving Opportunities

  • Form a study group to help younger kids with their school work.
  • Put on an information fair on how kids can be safe at home.
  • Tutor a student that needs help learning English or some other subject.
  • Make a “Welcome to Peppers” child kit (hygiene products, stuffed animal, blanket, etc)
  • Organize a reading hour for children at the Peppers Ranch Library
  • Peppers Ranch Barn Clean-up Day
  • Peppers Ranch Flower Bed Clean-up and Flower Planting
  • Plan, Create and Plant a Vegetable and Fruit Garden at Peppers Ranch
  • Host a bicycle safety course for the children of Peppers Ranch
  • Make emergency kits for the homes at Peppers with the children and families
  • If you're good at fixing bikes, host a “fix a bike” and “bike wash” with our kid
  • Make bird feeders with the kids in our community
  • Create a “Butterfly Garden” with the kids in our community
  • Clothing Closet clean-out and organization in our Learning Center
  • Organize the Books in our Library with our kids
  • “Read to Me” Day, where you or a group reads to our kids
  • Ranch Trash Pick Up Day
  • Host a “Fishing Day” and “Fish Fry” with our kids from our stocked pond
  • Host a “quilt square creation” day with our kids
  • Host  one of our “Monthly Birthday Parties” and bring a store bought cake for our party
  • Host a Karaoke night for our community
  • Host a “Parents Night Out” and babysit for our community for 1-3 hours
  • Host a “Relay Race” or “Obstacle Course” for our community
  • Host a “Movie Night” with our community! We have popcorn, candy and more fun than AMC!
  • Design a game night for the children and parents of Peppers Ranch
  • Design and create a “imagination play” or “dress up” bin for our community with used fancy dresses, hats, old neck ties, etc.
  • Host a “Manners Class” or a “Tea Party”
  • Make get well cards for people in hospitals and convalescent homes with our kids
  • Create Military Baskets for our kids and send them to soldiers
  • Construct/re-build horse arena for therapeutic riding

For more information on how you or your group can get involved, or to schedule an event, Call: Dustin Burpo, Program Director at 405-863-6622 or email at [email protected]