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Peppers Ranch strives to provide support and services to our community of foster parents and youth. We are determined to ensure that every child in our community has a pathway to success and a thriving future. Our focus is teaching the children how to handle relational conflict, how to help others, ways to establish trust, bonding, determination, creativity, strong work ethic and spirituality.

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Peppers Ranch Equestrian Program

If you are a horse lover then you know that there is no better opportunity for personal growth than working with horses. Whether it is compassion and responsibility from tending to the horse’s needs or pride and independence from guiding a 1200 pound animal, we believe that there is no better teacher, or friend, than a horse. It is the goal of the Equestrian Program at Peppers Ranch to develop the horsemanship skills of the children while also developing lifelong qualities of responsibility, self esteem, independence and respect through their connection with the horse.

About the Program

Since the beginning, horses have been a part of everyday life at Peppers Ranch. The goal of the horse program today is to develop the horsemanship skills of the children that call the ranch home while offering opportunities to grow and heal.  We are working diligently to instill responsibility, self-esteem, independence, respect and so much more through each child’s connection with the horse.

The Equestrian Riding Program is designed to provide children the opportunity to grow and develop through various activities with horses. Activities include basic horse care, grooming, recreational and competitive riding. Our children are able to interact with the horses which exercises both “mind and muscle”. Research shows that children who participate in riding can experience physical, emotional and mental rewards. This improves balance, creates trust and develops a friendship between rider and horse. An abused child can bond with a horse when they are unable to bond with another person due to the negative experiences they had prior to coming to Peppers Ranch.

Children and families participate in the numerous equine related activities listed below.

  • Basic horsemanship
  • Introduction to horseback riding
  • Horseback riding and Horsemanship
  • Pony preschool
  • “Mini” summer camps
  • Family horseback riding
  • Work days and equine exposure events
  • Routine care and feeding of horses

Today, the McClendon Equestrian Center at Peppers Ranch North consists of an 8 stall barn, an outdoor riding arena, and a 20,000 square foot indoor riding arena – Callie’s Corral.

In late 2017 our community grew by 415 acres, just a few miles south and west of the original ranch. As Peppers Ranch II grows we will continue our work with children and horses to break the cycle of abuse and neglect with its large stall barn, trails, indoor riding facility and own herd of horses.

Side note:  Horse lovers know that a special horse can change the course of your life.  We were pleased to honor one of these animals when naming our indoor riding facility. Callie’s Corral will offer the benefits of the horse program to our community year round for years to come.

Equestrian Program Director

Amber Simmons, Equestrian Programs Director since 2014, is a proud alumna of Oklahoma State University where she earned a degree in Agricultural Communications and Animal Science. She and her family live in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Upon being introduced to the ranch, Amber quickly realized her passion for people and horses had a home. She is devoted to those in the foster care system, as well as those affected by the system, finding healing and growth through their connection with the horse.

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