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Our mission is to expand excellence in foster care through transforming statistics into stories of success to end the foster care crisis.

Peppers Ranch Foster Care Community seeks to “break the cycle” of child abuse and neglect through loving homes, counseling, and growth-oriented activities. By creating a network of caring foster parents and adult mentors on whom children can depend, Peppers Ranch is committed to providing a safe and secure environment where physical and emotional wounds can heal.

The community aspect of Peppers Ranch is healing. I love the effect it has on my kids. They instantly feel at home and safe. For us as parents, the resource of having other parents in your same life season is invaluable. We are blessed to call Peppers Ranch home!

The McElhaney Family at Peppers Ranch

Peppers Ranch provides our family with a community of families who rally around each other, incredible programs where our kids can grow, learn, and develop in a variety of ways, monthly financial assistance, and a beautiful home to raise our family.

Lane Family

What a blessing to live around other like minded people. Just imagine your neighborhood and your kids riding their bikes around it. Now they are down the street and they fall, a dad or Mom from another house come out and take care of your child and you know that they are ok. They are safe, the parents and the kid. Everyone wants the very best for each child that lives out here. That is just one of the reasons I love living out here.

Blankenship Family

Peppers Ranch is so special to our family for many reasons, but most of all, the community. Our neighbors out here are family; we support, we listen, and we encourage each other as we provide care to kids from hard places.

Lane Family

Peppers Ranch is the best place to live if you are going to foster. The support you get from this community is like none other. The other families are wonderful. Everyone here knows everyone and it really is like a big family. Helping children is our mission, our ministry.

Blankenship Family

In the few short months we have lived at Pepper’s Ranch we have seen hope brought to the lives of foster children in Oklahoma. Keeping siblings together in a community that was built and designed just for them is immeasurable! We love this community and consider our family blessed beyond words to get to be a part of what God is doing here at Peppers Ranch!

The Cobb Family at Peppers Ranch

Peppers Ranch has allowed us to go full force into foster care without fear. We know being part of this community, we have a support system that is unwavering. To be able to call this place home is not only a blessing to us as foster parents but to the children that come to us and live here. No matter how long each of our kids stay, they always leave knowing that no matter what happens, Peppers Ranch will forever be a place they can call home! We wouldn’t be the family we are today without the love, support and guidance of our family here!

The Williams Family at Peppers Ranch

Boots & Bling Fundraiser

A Western-Themed Night Benefiting the Foster Families and Youth at Peppers Ranch

Saturday, November 6th, 2021, at 6:00PM

Join us for a Peppers Ranch premiere event, a glitzy evening of rowdy fun! Our western-themed night comes complete with a three-course dinner, open bar, live and silent auctions, and great entertainment.

So dust off your boots and join us for some boot scootin’ Oklahoma style!

The event is Saturday, November 6th, 2021 at 6:00 pm at the Will Rogers Theater 4322 N Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73118

3-Course Dinner | Entertainment | Open Bar | Live & Silent Auctions

$75 Individual / $150 Couple Tickets

As a direct result of your valued tickets or sponsorship, our youth will benefit from a safe community that sets them on a path to a great future as productive and caring members of our society.

Our youth are relying on all of us to help positively impact their future.

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