Everyone can do something to support a foster child whether through your valuable time, money or talent! At Peppers Ranch we know that your time is the most valuable thing you can give and work hard to partner you up with the program or avenue to help that is most ideal for both you and the children at Peppers Ranch.

Your kind and generous contribution (whether through time or financial) to Peppers Ranch helps provide opportunities for children to receive all of the support and resources needed to excel in life all while awaiting permanency through reunification or adoption.

Help Make a Difference


Volunteering at Peppers Ranch is easy! There are a variety of ways volunteers of all ages help serve the needs of the children, families and the ranch. Volunteer hours are flexible and exist on a weekly, monthly or occasional basis. We encourage volunteer involvement based on individual interests, skill set and availability. The following are just a few ways in which you can become a positive influence in the life of a child at Peppers Ranch.

Are you considering volunteering your time and energy to a cause close to your heart? We would LOVE to have you at Peppers Ranch!

Join us at an upcoming volunteer orientation session and allow our Programs and Outreach Director share with you the opportunities to give of your time and talent right here at Peppers Ranch Foster Community.

We want to help you bridge your passions and talents with the needs of the community! Whether that is in cooking classes, sewing, dance, piano, tutoring or bringing a group of your friends and/or colleagues out to help us with many service projects around our two communities! We will work to find what is right for you.

Peppers Ranch can’t do it without our amazing volunteers! We understand that by volunteering with us you are giving your most valuable gift you can give – your time!

Join us for one of our upcoming volunteer orientations or schedule your own individualized meeting and come be a part of the fun at Peppers Ranch today!

Call Danysha Wright to schedule your orientation at 405-260-1870


Volunteer Your Time / Mentor

  • Read to Me Program
  • 4-H/FFA
  • Community Service Days
  • Tutoring program
  • Take a child fishing

Volunteer Your Artistic Talents

  • Art Lessons
  • Dance Lessons
  • Music Lessons
  • Drama Lessons
  • Vocal Lessons
  • Craft Lessons

Volunteer Your Athletic Talents

  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball

Individual, Group and Community Serving Opportunities

Group events are important for building relationships within our community, and with the heart of Oklahoma. Would your family, business, or church like to host a community event for Peppers Ranch? There are many ways you can get involved in the Peppers Ranch community! We look forward to a day of fun with you!

  • Form a study group to help younger kids with their school work
  • Put on an information fair on how kids can be safe at home
  • Tutor a student
  • Make a “Welcome to Peppers” child kit (hygiene products, stuffed animal, blanket, etc)
  • Organize a reading hour for children at the Peppers Ranch Library
  • Peppers Ranch Barn Clean-up Day
  • Peppers Ranch Flower Bed Clean-up and Flower Planting
  • Plan, Create and Plant a Vegetable and Fruit Garden at Peppers Ranch
  • Host a bicycle safety course for the children of Peppers Ranch
  • Make emergency kits for the homes at Peppers with the children and families
  • If you’re good at fixing bikes, host a “fix a bike” and “bike wash” with our kids
  • Make bird feeders with the kids in our community
  • Create a “Butterfly Garden” with the kids in our community
  • Clothing Closet clean-out and organization in our Learning Center
  • Organize the Books in our Library with our kids
  • “Read to Me” Day, where you or a group reads to our kids
  • Ranch Trash Pick Up Day
  • Host a “Fishing Day” and “Fish Fry” with our kids from our stocked pond
  • Host a “quilt square creation” day with our kids
  • Host  one of our “Monthly Birthday Parties” and bring a store bought cake for our party
  • Host a Karaoke night for our community
  • Host a “Parents Night Out” and babysit for our community for 1-3 hours
  • Host a “Relay Race” or “Obstacle Course” for our community
  • Host a “Movie Night” with our community! We have popcorn, candy and more fun than AMC!
  • Design a game night for the children and parents of Peppers Ranch
  • Design and create a “imagination play” or “dress up” bin for our community with used fancy dresses, hats, old neck ties, etc.
  • Host a “Manners Class” or a “Tea Party”
  • Create Military Baskets for our kids and send them to soldiers
  • Construct/re-build horse arena for therapeutic riding

Internship Opportunities

How it Works – Application Process

The Peppers Ranch interns are a crucial component to our mission to end the cycle of abuse and neglect of Oklahoma’s children through providing safe, nurturing foster families to care for them during a time of crisis.

Dedicated interns provide countless hours of service to Peppers Ranch to create a lasting impact in the lives of the foster children and families in the community.

The application process for Peppers Ranch Internship is simple, but it’s important that you are familiar with the process before you submit your application.

1) Apply Online – Fill in the application below and upload your CV/resume. Please make sure that your CV/resume is no more than two pages in length.

2) Review – We will review your application to determine your suitability to the program. If successful, you’ll be invited for an in person, telephone or Skype interview.

3) Interview – The interview takes 15-30 minutes. During this time we’ll assess your career goals, your interests in the destination you have selected, as well as your suitability to the program you have applied for.

4) Interview Outcome – Following your interview you’ll be informed of your application’s outcome by email. This generally takes place within one business day. If your application is successful you’ll receive an acceptance letter formally inviting you to our program, along with details on how to confirm your place.

5) Confirmation – Spots are competitive for our internship programs and we ask that successful applicants confirm their places within 7 business days.

6) Get Ready! – Once we have received your acceptance you will have formally secured a spot on our program! We will begin working on your internship placement and will also provide you with all the information that you’ll need to prepare yourself for a wonderful experience at the ranch!

Please fill out the form below to get started. If you have additional questions or concerns please contact Danysha Wright at Danysha@peppersranch.com